16 September 2013

Crooked Car Dealer

This purpose of this post is simply to get the word into Googles Enormous Engine about a particular crooked car dealer so that any poor soul searching for a used car might be lucky enough to search first and so avoid dealing with this particular cretin. Probably not very interesting otherwise.

My son bought a used car from one Anton Pretorius of CAW Auto Parts at 28 Albert Street, George, Western Cape, South Africa. The dealer ripped him off terribly, selling him a vehicle with a completely defective engine, and numerous other mechanical problems. According to all 3 diesel-engine experts who have subsequently looked it over, the engine is worthless and has to be completely replaced. The problems were concealed by the dealer liberally dosing it with very heavy, syrupy oil which masked the oil leaks and piston/ring problems until the vehicle had been driven about 1000km.

Upon confronting Pretorius about the problems and demanding a refund, Pretorius refused to refund my son's money (against all provisions of the law) nor did he make any offer to repair the vehicle. We have subsequently laid criminal charges against Pretorius and CAW Motors at the George SAPS, but do not hold out much hope that the police will pursue the case with much gusto, such being the pisspoor state of law enforcement in South Africa. We also sent a legal letter of demand to Pretorius by registered mail. It was simply ignored. To follow up with a civil suit is likely to end up cost more than repairing or replacing the vehicle. Pretorius knows this and is relying on it, just as he relied on my son's naivety and inexperience of vehicle purchase to sell him this piece of shit in the first place.

A few days ago, in conversation with my insurance broker, we discovered that this Pretorius has also ripped off other clients of this broker in the past.

If you're thinking of buying a used car, please do yourself a favour and find a more honest dealer than Anton Pretorius of CAW Motors. The man is a thief and fraudster without conscience, morals or regard for the law.

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