14 March 2012

GMO Scam Followup

Quickly: A short article on how Monsanto's biotech maize which is supposed to be resistant to corn root worm attack, is "losing its effectiveness".

The article is pretty vague on just why this "effectiveness" is being lost, and Monsanto are naturally trying to spin this is "small numbers, minor incidence, easily managed". But I think it's pretty obvious what is going on here, don't you?

In less than 10 years since the introduction of this GMO maize, the bugs have out evolved it. Just like we know they should. The result is that maize farmers across 5 states in the USA now have to resort to applications of the usual cocktail of pesticides in addition to using Monsanto's expensive, proprietary, GMO seed.

"Recommendations to apply insecticides to protect transgenic Bt corn rootworm corn strikes us as a clear admission that the Cry3Bb1 toxin is no longer providing control adequate to protect yield," is the quote from U. Illinois scientists.

In other words, the product fails to meet the claims made for it by the supplier. This GMO corn is no longer resisting corn root worm attacks. In the rest of the world we call this a scam.

So why are Monsanto and the other pro-GMO seed companies not being called on this?

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  1. Don't forget, when Bt corn stops working against corn worms, organic farmers who depend on Bt to control their pests have the same problem.

    Here in Europe, not only are GM Bt crops not common, but Bt is a controlled pesticide because it's thought even use by home gardeners is enough to reduce the effectiveness for farmers.


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