20 June 2011


Yes, its that time of year, and there's been good rain.

Almost every afternoon we go for a walk down the plantation road and through the forest, and for the past few weeks we always see thousands of mushrooms. Some edible...

...and some inedible, but so beautiful that we can't resist a picture. There are at least two (and I strongly suspect 3) different species in the Bolete family, including Boletus edulis, the Porcini mushroom. We had a couple of Porcinis with supper a few evenings ago. Mmmmmm... Pictured above is a smaller, but still tasty, Peppery Bolete, Chalciporus piperatus.

Fly Agarics in profusion everywhere!

Baboons and Porcupine (and probably Bushpig, too) munch at the fresh ones to get stoned.

1 comment:

  1. Very interesting, encouraging and refreshing stuff mike!

    Thanks for thinking of sharing this wonderful stuff with us...

    I came here just today, and looks like there is lot of stuff to read over coming week! :-)

    All the best!


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