06 October 2008

Hopi Black

Hooray!  The Hopi Black Beans are finally up.  It's certainly been a long wait... I'd almost given them up as a write-off.

In truth, though, it has been a late, cold Spring so far. Nights are still cold, and that also means that Chilli germination is exceedingly slow. So slow that I am worried that seeds may be rotting in their trays.  So worried that I replanted a new batch of the Most Wanted Chillis last weekend.

The only chillis that are actually Jumping Up in their trays are the Habaneros. Far more than I can reasonably cope with. The other  Big Surprise is the Hot Bananas -- a random cross between Sweet Banana and something hotter -- probably Jalapeno or Serrano. So what I have are the F1 children and we shall certainly have some surprises in store.

So here's an idea: Take a bunch of fresh Habaneros and chop their stem-ends off so that they're pretty-well opened up. Drown them in a jar of Honey. Leave alone for a few weeks.  Hot Habanero Honey, anyone?

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