09 September 2008

Winners in the Tomato All Comers Stakes...

First of the Tomatoes to germinate this year: Brandywines, (yay!) Cherokee Purple and Striped Roman.

In the seed-Lettuce departments we have the mysterious variety identified only as "Lettuce K" to this point, and -- this just in -- a couple of cells of "Merlot" -- a small, curly leafed variety, with the most intense deep-marron colour I have ever seen. The few plants I was keeping for seed last season got Take Out at the last minute by a dastardly Porcupine (or so I guess) so I was fearfully low on seed. Hopefully the current planting will rescue the situation.

I also noticed the very first couple of Dragon's Lingerie beans popping their heads out of the ground. Time to get the Hopi Black beans in, too, then (barring disaster) we'll be set for a year's-worth of dry beans. I'm pushing things a bit with the DL beans -- they're actually occupying a bed marked for Chillis in the rotation, but I'm betting I can plant the young Chillis out between the Beans, and then whip the Beans out before the Chillis need the space in any serious way.

No Chillis are up yet, but that's expected. We won't see them for at least another couple of weeks.

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