19 December 2007

Best Laid Plans, Plins, Plons, Ploons

So the Summer garden is suffering badly from neglect, the brewing project is going much, much slower than desired, and I've left this blog alone for far too long.  In part I can blame the weather: its been quite wet so far this season.  Not that we're complaining about having plenty of water...

After the very early start this Spring, everything ran to a standstill for quite a while.  I thought perhaps it was just me doing something odd, but after a couple of other local gardeners made similar comments I have to conclude that there's been something odd going on with the weather.

But the excuses aside!  I've been hacking away in front of a computer.  I landed some paying development work, and decided to take it on in the interests of Earning Money -- something of a novelty after almost three years of Living By Our Wits!  There are a few things I'd like to do that will benefit from some cash injection from the Evil Empire...  solar panels, (electrical ones -- we're already more-than-well set up with hot water panels!) paying for Dale's University Sojourns, (so far he's doing it in far better time than I did, so I'm not in a position to criticise!) fixing the Rotovator so that I can nail the Kikuyu and get going with grains, wire bins for more compost heaps, plus some for mushrooms, a wood stove... there's A List.

We've been reaping the benefit of earlier work -- scapes and giant "Garlic", beautiful Cabbages and Kohlrabi, beans ready to be harvested for drying,... but some of the harvest is certainly going to take a knock!

Oh well, Needle, Nardle, Noo, and on we Goo...

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