11 August 2007

Can't Wait for Summer

For once I feel like I have the Spring Panic under control; I just have to prepare another ten or so beds. And No, I won't be bastard trenching them all...

My annual order of seeds from Baker Creek arrived yesterday, to much excitement!  Sadly they were out of stock on the Golden Wax Beans I was so looking forward to :-( but they threw in a freebie of a nice-sounding Turnip (Bianca Piatta -- an Italian heirloom) so I have no complaints.   This after I had decided that the three Turnip varieties I already have are Enough!  They refunded the $1.75 cost of the out-of-stock Beans.  In cash.  And the cash made it through the Notoriously Evaporative South African Postal System intact.

Now what the hell do I do with a dollar bill and three quarters?

I am really, really looking forward to the Tomatoes, just hoping to hell that we don't have too bad a blight year!   Steven, in his Dirt Sun Rain blog writes about Tomato Mutants and volunteers. Among this year's planting will be a big beefsteak Tomato I've nicknamed "Sweet Pink" for now. It popped up last year in among the Black Krim, looking quite similar to a Brandywine, but with a very different flavour -- almost too sweet for my taste -- and certainly nothing like Black Krim.

Hey, ho; hey, ho; it's off to dig I go...

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