12 May 2007

New Webside Story

Finally finished the first in a series (well, that's what I'm aiming for...) on the website: The Great Fly Swatting of '05.  The title keeps meandering all over the map...  Hope you enjoy!

Stuff going on at Braamekraal:
  • Embarked on a soil-remineralisation program, after reading loads of stuff about William Albrecht's methods of soil analysis.  Must write about this soon.
  • Beds dug for Peas, Broadbeans interplanted with Lentils so that the Lentils can climb up the Broadbean "poles".
  • Compost bins rearranged to accomodate the ever-increasing girth of the Banana clump.  Dead Banana trunks chopped out.  More work than you might think!
  • Good progress on the seed-saving website software; probably about 50% of the way "there".  I'll write more in a few weeks/months when its closer to being unleashed.
  • Still no money. Still laughing about it.
  • Still haven't brewed :-(  Lazy bugger!
  • Still enjoying the Peace And Quiet of Just The Two Of Us.  Son#1 and fiancee expected back at the end of the month.
What a beautiful day today.  Far to magical to spend time with the PC...

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