02 May 2007

Garden Update: Autumn Planting

At last I've got the Garlic into the ground, and it's up and looking healthy after only a few days.  I managed to get about 180 cloves planted; if I find more bed-space after everything else is in I'll try for another 200 cloves or so.  We use a hell of a lot of Garlic :-)

Recently sown: Carrots in succession, Turnips, Beets.  Lettuce, Red Mustard and Rocket are ongoing.  Onions -- I've kept it down to four varieties this year -- are all showing-up in their seed-trays and will want planting out in a few weeks, along with Cabbages and Broccoli.  Thinks: I must get more Kohlrabi in -- we really, really like them, plus I must also put in a patch of them for seed.  Kohlrabi seed is almost unobtainable here, so I'm quite lucky to have a nice Purple Kohlrabi, and I really have to save seed or lose it.

Still to do: Broad Beans.  What the hell am I doing leaving it so late?  Peas!  I never manage plant enough of them.  And this year I would like to try growing Lentils.  We use lots of them for Lentil-burgers, in Curries and Chilli-Bean dishes.  Leaks -- I have a tray of them approaching transplanting, but really need to get more of them going.

The Great Winter Chilli Experiment seems to be working so far... Chillis have germinated well (except, for some mysterious reason, the Cherry Peppers, which are among my favourites) and are looking great.  They should be decent-sized little plants before everything stops growing in mid-Winter -- Late July and August.  As long as I put them into beds or pots by then, they should get off to a flying start when the weather starts warming-up again.

Hmmm... Mustn't forget Parsley (I prefer the flat-leaf kind) and Dill.  And more Broccoli.  And more Asian greens.  Damn!  It's nearly as busy as Springtime!

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