05 April 2007

Aaaand... We're Back!

Back from a trip down to Gansbaai (lit.: Goose Bay) -- formerly a whaling village on the Aghulas Plain, now a tourist destination for possibly the best whale-viewing in the world.  (Whales usually arrive around June and stick around until about Oct./Nov. to calf.)  The occassion was a sister-in-law's 30'th Birthday Bash.

Then on to Cape Town for a family get-together for First-night Pesach and visiting good friends.  Best part was that I got some brewing yeast from Franz, so I'll be able to get back into homebrewing after a lapse of several years.

Hmmm....  surely if I put together an unhopped wort... then ferment... then distill...  isn't that a simple Single Malt Scotch?  Any experts out there?

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