10 March 2007

Yes, We Have No Bananas

Nanny Ogg's CookbookI lie.

Anybody got a recipe for Banana Daicqiri? Probably my best bet would be to check
Nanny Ogg's Cookbook.

We harvested no less than five bunches of Bananas, and they're ripenng in the shed out of the sun. We missed another two bunches a couple of months ago by cleverly neglecting them until they started ripening on the trees, at which point the Mousebirds took them out -- ate every little Banana in sight, leaving just a stem of blackened, dried-out skins dangling.

5 big bunches of bananas
Four out of the five bunches are a small fingerling variety -- very tasty. They have a thin skin, so will never make it as a commercial crop since they would not well survive the rigours transport, storage and handling. The other bunch is from an old variety that we got going from cuttings given to us by nearby relatives; the fruits get quite seedy in the middle, and although quite tasty, the texture tends to be floury. Great Chicken food, though. Nothing goes to waste in a self-sufficient holding!

Chucked a few Bananas to the Chooks, and, despite it being a stinking hot day, they came running as fast as their legs could manage. Probably thinking "Oh Thank God Its Not Tomato Again!"

(Thanks to Carey for the picture!)

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