13 March 2007

New Look Farm Website

Finally (after how long? :-) I've managed to put together a new set of templates for the farm website.  My own very humble opinion is that it doesn't look too bad.  At least not actively repellent, like it was before!

I would welcome feedback, especially concerning bugs and oddities, since I have not tried to fully debug everything; I was strongly feeling the pressure to get something, anything, out that improved the site's look.  I'll get you started: Horizontal lines should be green, and their left-hand edge should line up with the paragraph texts. ;-)  See?  Easy!

Hopefully I will have time in the next week or two to get the blog sporting a similar look'n'feel.  No promises, though, since I have loads of compost to make.

Now to add more actual content to the site...

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