21 February 2007

Tomato Mania

I thought I was going overboard this season with 9 varieties (well, 10 if I count the volunteer Red Cherries that qualify more as a weed than a Tomato,) but "Tomatoes got headache?" takes the prize!

This year I grew Taxi (almost certainly the same as Rebsie Fairholm's "Yellow Taxi" – a very fine cooking Tomato, but not as nice fresh, I thought – Ida Gold, Gold Nugget, Red Kaki, Black Krim, Lime Greed Salad, Cherokee Purple, Tigerella and my pride and joy, Brandywine (which ought to start ripening over the next few days.)

As related elsewhere, the Cherokee Purple's got (mostly) nailed by blight, which spread to the Lime Green Salad Tomatoes.  I started another batch of LGS which are about to get planted out this weekend.  Its very late, I know, but we may get lucky with the weather, so what's to lose?  I was also lucky with a couple of volunteer Cherokee Purple's that appeared beneath the Rattlesnake Bean tepees, so I've been able to save fresh seed, clean of any suspicion of blight again this year.

Currently I am being threatened with consequences dire and dreadly should I dare to bring another load of Tomatoes into the kitchen... and the Brandywines and Black Krim have barely started ripening...! :-)

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