18 February 2007

Rub, rub, the Seedsman's Dub

Apart from being inundated by Tomatoes, and generally being in the thick of harvesting, we're also collecting Lettuce seed -- and trying in vain to separate no less than twelve different varieties!  In our last seed order from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, we got, as a nice freebie, a packet of mixed Lettuce seed labelled "Rocky Top Mix".  Definitely a worthwhile Lettuce mix to buy!

However... for saving seed its a bit of a nightmare having them all mixed-up!  I figure that, with care, I should be able to isolate at least six of the varieties.  Then I can grow up saleable quantities of each variety in isolation.  Fortunately I still have a bit more of the seed (and will, in all likelihood, order another couple of packets) so I should, in the long run, be able to keep them all.

So, having spent the morning cleaning out the chicken house (and making some minor modifications to their sleeping arrangements, which will doubtless mess with their tiny little Chicken Minds come bedtime tonight) I spent the afternoon cleaning Lettuce seed.  Rub, rub, rub, rub, rub.
Hardly a breath of wind, though, so winnowing will have to wait...

The authoritative classic on seed saving, cleaning and storing is Suzanne Ashworth's wonderful book "Seed to Seed".

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