07 February 2007

Mike's Psychedelic Breakfast

Chillis are back.  Oh, it's soooo good to have fresh chillis every day again!  No matter how oft repeated, it's true: A Day Without Chillis Is A Day Wasted.  So far its only the Jalapeños and Red Hats, but it's all good...

Actually, their "real" name is Bishop's Hat, but, being an open-source-software kind of family, "Red Hat" seems like a better name.

Breakfast Recipe:

Some Chillis; say 6 or 8 Jalapeños, plus 3 or 4 Red Hats.  Or any hot chillis you like. (If they're not hot, what's the bloody point?)  Chop them up and dump into a cast-iron pan with a little dab of butter.

I never eat margarine, being slightly suspicious of a so-called foodstuff that's only about two processing steps short of being plastic.
Fry the Chillis at a medium heat with a lid on to sweat them a little.
Add four to six small Tomatoes, halved, when the Chilli fumes start getting noticeable -- I used Ida Gold (sorta two-bite size) and Gold Nugget.  Keep the lid off the pan for this stage.  Start the Tomatoes on their backs first  (the skin side), turning them after awhile so that the cut ends get a bit caramelized.

I remember reading that the Aztecs used to use Chillis as a punishment for naughty children: They'd chuck a handful of Chillis onto a fire, and force the child to breathe the fumes. Sounds like a hectic punishment, but probably less truly harmful than smacks.

About the time the Chilli fumes start getting serious -- the time you start coughing, your nose begins streaming, and the Dog runs outside -- crack two Eggs into the mix, and cover the pan again until the eggs are as cooked as you like.

Serve on a couple of slices of sourdough Rye bread made yesterday.

The only not-homegrown ingredients: the butter, the rye flour, the salt, oil and malt-extract in the bread, and the coffee.

PS: As I sit here writing, our Loerie has just crash-landed into the Grape Vine again for her afternoon feed...

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