25 January 2007

Oil Be Seein' Ya

Hail on the chief!

Power to the peakle!  Piss in the powder and praise the ambulation.  Prop up the prayerful.  Lead us not in too uncertainty, but deliver us our pizza.  Mine us the glory, the power of the vampire...  at least until we've passed the peak, empirical evidence not with standing.  At least until we've picked the bones of the past.  At least until we're pissed.

Pickled in their owned whine, pickled in a peck by their own henpecked pack, their feeding frenzy turns on their own insecret urgents, kundaleaning on their puppets, saintgeorging their dragons.  Landgrabbing at their own psychotrophies, paxing their blags.  Pack to the future: the ünteröberfuerher's articulated cargo culture backed to the gills by their spindizzy illumiknotty cranking the turingspindle, fueling the smouldering krankenfear, winding the springs of smalldering souls.  Fed to the gills on fantasy freelunches, fast boxlunch combustibusiness, massmart instalodges beating the ploughshares the landcares the earthwares into swards of instagratafie.  Burgeoning crapitalism winnowing the crashcrops and salting the earth.  Dah-doo enrunrun, dah-doo enrun.

Their disconnect, their triple-sec, piped pap for crumbfort -- thrice nine I lived there.

Take no heed the surgeon-general's warnings

Robotman's sexpak, empire sturmtrouper, freedom's child backs from the front, back from the udder side, sucks hind tit, sucks on exhaustgas of mannamachina running on empty, running on fumes, fuming and fulminating and running on emptation, "Where is my playcheck? You bastards! You've eaten it!"  Sadly attempts reconstructing the undeconstructible kaputznik intellogies, slides down the slippery slopium in epimenidisney daze.  Glide down the path of disticulated blatherbots' future imperfect, misstilling their weird from the sweat of my own frothers brow.  Small beer in my contigulum.

Nightout in the diskriegulum

Back.  Back from the utter realms of desolated trendfeldenkreit; back from the spam and the spin, the spick and the span, the tucked and tanned desertifed and stratified panglobulous hemi-semi-demi-quavered, the fucked and fanned transmogrified powerpack semisold into wageslavery.  Back from where the normalisms rain.  Back from the bangling headnoise of the neocrims and quaquaquaqua econofascisti; their blathering, their blistering ignoramofarten dismalism ranting and islamowailing "Let rip the warcrimes! Unleash the packs of lunchmeat!"  Crunching bongbots.  Thieving slavetakers.

Bring jah paper, bring jah fire.  Fill up the rightbrothers with righteous fury and fire the eagle's nest;  smoke the whitehouse wasps from their paper castle.  Matchless we march the halls of terregnum, the walls of interment, the malls of terrafie.  Donner und blitzen the gorgon's lair the liars creedpots the krankensteins castle.  Galileo lift thy head raise thy eyes past the neohorizon.  Il papa, il duce, spare us your sanctity.

No cheer for the menschless

So build aye my fortnot my safehouse my madhouse, my powerless mousehole.  With walls inside out and doors of perception flung wide.  And welcome aye the rain and sky, the earth and sun in roofless untermensch obscurity.  Let fall the fools of power where they may, the tools of destiny.  Enchancingly cast spells of remake; cultivate what's left of us an earthward spiral way.  Mine is no disgrace.

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