08 August 2006

Early Start to Summer Planting

So, based on the general mildness of the weather this Winter (despite last week's flooding) I've put a bunch of seeds into seed-trays a bit earlier than I normally would.  Yesterday I planted a whole wad of Chillis - Jalapenos, Serranos, Red Hats (really called Bishops' Hat, but in this household renamed for obvious reasons,) Ancho, New Mex, Pasilla, Tabasco, Cherry Peppers, plus a weird one that showed-up last year that I'm going to try to get breeding true - Hot Bananas - a cross (likely) between Sweet Banana and something hotter.  They really were very nice, though.  I'll have to grow up enough plants to select seed from those that seem true.

Then, too, I am still planting Cabbages and Leeks.  The young Leeks out in their beds are just reaching pencil-thickness, and are so tender and delicious that we're using them fast, so more are called for.

Still wondering whether to give early-early Tomatoes a go...

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