25 June 2006

Time-out in the Garden

Finally got to spend a little time in the garden.  We had some decent rain (25mm) the other day, so the soil has had time to dry out a little, and is quite workable, though still quite damp.

Cleared out one of the beds - a Chilli bed in my 7-year rotation scheme, but, since no Solanums are going to grow through the Winter, I've planted some Swiss Chard seed and transplanted some Leeks into the South end, and I'll put more Onions into the North end.  I really don't have enough space for all the Onions sitting in trays.  I know J thinks Onions are a waste of time, being so cheap in the shops, and taking up valuable garden space for such a long time, but I like them.  They do a lot of good for the soil, fumigating it, and are pretty undemanding.

Time permitting I will finish clearing one of the new beds tomorrow, and put some more Cabbages into it.

I'd really love to have a week off for the garden.  I've been so tied to the computer for the past 5 months, and I'm sick of it.

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