30 June 2006

Telkom Disconnected

Telkom, the state-owned (and still monopoly) phone company is one of my favourite crowds to rag on.  They make it so easy!

The phone is sort-of-dead this morning.  Loud crackling noises; people unable to call in - the phone bleeps briefly and the caller gets cut off; crossed line with neighbours down the road.  The problem has been the subject of numerous fault callouts over the past 6 or 8 months, and has never been solved.

Tried several times to log the fault by phone.  First had to discover that, because it is a DSL line, the fault must be reported to a different call-centre whose phone number utterly fails to appear on any documentation.  Several attempts to call needed, because I keep getting disconnected from the call-centre mid-conversation due to the fault.

Inspiration: At least the DSL is still working, so let's see if I can log the fault via Telkom's website!  Fill in the relevant details on the fault-reporting page; click "Submit".
OnlineFaultReporting web exception
We appologise for the inconvenience,
but the page that you requested can not be processed correctly. Please report this to the system administrator.
Copied from the Telkom website: misspellings all their own.

But!  There's no "Contact the webmaster" link to be found on their website. Oh well, back to trying to phone the fault in.

Please, God, give these buggers some real competition and put them out of business soon.

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