25 May 2006

Lies of Duration

Guy Kawasaki, in "The Top Ten Lies of Guy Kawasaki", describes his lie no. 8 as a "lie of duration".
We don't have a position at Garage or in our portfolio, but I'll keep you in mind.” This is a lie of duration. At that instant in time if I can think of a relevant position, then I help. But I don’t have the bandwidth/disk space/chip speed to keep the candidate in mind very long."
Reminds me very much of one I caught myself using some years ago:

"If you do X for me, I'll be eternally grateful"

Really?  Bullshit!  At the very least I'll be dead sooner or later, and I'll almost certainly forget to be grateful then (modulo any positive karma I might rack up for the next life.)

In fact, if I'm honest with you, I'm unlikely to be grateful for as long as 3 minutes.  Not that I'm an ingrate, mind you - just trying to be completely honest about this.  The world is just too busy for me to honestly keep gratefulness in mind for very long.  Sure. I'll probably be positively disposed towards you for quite a long time; but actively "grateful"?  I doubt it.

When you really think about it its a stupid phrase.

I replaced it with "A Thousand Thanks" as my stock expression of gratefulness.

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